4 min. overall review of all Hiteractive functional features.

What is Hinteractive

Hinteractive is an interactive hotel system for IPTV. It lets you make up the list of TV channels available as well as broadcast TV channels with contents at your choice, for example information films with adverts of your business. Hinteractive allows interactive contact with your clients showing a welcome message to the guest, adding personal touch to the service offered by you. Hinteractive ensures a link to the hotel accommodation software at your place and allows your guests to check their current hotel account.Hinteractive gives your guests the possibility to visit the mini info-site presenting your place, services offered, trade facilities.

Why Hinteractive

  • Personal design
  • Personal info channels
  • Abundance of information and functional features for the guests
  • Welcome message
  • Check of one’s hotel bill
  • Integration with hotels` booking software
  • IP television
  • Channels list
  • Info channels
  • Welcome message
  • Hotel bill check
  • Mini info site
  • IP television

What type of cable network Hinteractive needs

Hinteractive service can be provided to the guest through a LAN cable network or a COAX network. The only condition is that the connection socket is placed close to the TV set.


Hinteractive has a different face for the different places, which is designed in conformity with the personal vision and characteristics of each one separately.


The affordable price and interactive character of the service lead to a constant increase in the number of customers who have chosen Hinteractive. Here are some of them:


Get in touch with us to discuss the options for integration of Hinteractive to your place, as well as send us all inquiries you may have.

Design inquiry

Send us an inquiry with all the basic parameters of the service and we are to send you and offer and arrange a visit to your place.